The Power of a Referral

A referral is such a powerful resource in our industry, and you should not be shy to ask your customers to give you one. If you have built the relationship with them through the sales and event service process and they are happy with their experience, they should have no problem passing on your card to people they may know that may need your services. Especially in today’s tech heavy world, a referral is an easy and highly effective way to get solid leads. Having that trusted friend or family member selling your business for you will help generate repeat customers for years.

There are a couple of schools of thought on getting referrals.  You can offer an incentive plan, like a cash award to your clients for every referral they send you that turns into a booking, (explained during their booking process). Or at the end of the outing have your staff, as they are wrapping up, let them know there are extra business cards available for them to take and  distribute to their friends and family, which hinders your referrals to relying on your clients good will. Both of these strategies work in different situations, but more often than not people tend to be motivated more by a reward then the internal content an altruistic referral gives.

No matter how you decide to ask for a referral, most people are happy to tell their friends and family all your staff has to do is ask!