Separate Your Business From The Pack

There is no denying it there are a lot of transportation companies out there vying for the same piece of the pie, so it is imperative that you separate yourself from the competition and show your customers constantly why you are the better choice. High levels of competition for your business means finding ways to separate yourself from the pack, can be a daunting task when the core offering is so similar across the industry.

First, it is important to remember it is not always best to fall into the race to the bottom game, and attempt to beat everyone else out on price alone. Trying to beat everyone’s price will only get you one place if all of your operations don’t align with this practice, which is out of business. It is simple economics, if you can’t afford to be the lowest option in the game due to your overhead costs, you will be in the red before you know it (expenses>revenue ≠ profitable success). You need to create the  value your company provides outside the standard service for your customers  and make your clients understand that you provide superior or unique service and that is what they are paying for.

Second is to deliver every single time. It is hard to go above and beyond every run your vehicles are sent on, but in this crowed industry you have to. Don’t send a car out that is dirty or make a client wait for their ride, with so many options available, any type of bad taste you could leave them with will most likely influence them to try out a competitor for their next trip. Another rule of thumb that can usually set you apart is having an incredibly high attention to detail. Doing something like making refreshments available and waiting for your clients as soon as they enter the vehicle gives off the feeling instantly, that you are thinking of their needs and wants more so than just a trip from point A to point B.  Make them feel like they are the most important person to you at that time no matter how much the fare is.

Third is to follow up. There are many ways to say thank you to your customers for choosing your business above all of their other options. You can send out an individualized post card thanking them for their business, which is easily done with an excel export of your CRM. This, however, can be costly in both time spent creating it and monetarily in postage, but the thought put into sending it out is not lost on the client. How often do you get a generic e-mail addressed to nobody in particular thanking you for your participation or purchase? You know it was sent out to you, and everyone else who purchased or participated as you did; there is nothing to give you the warm fuzzy feeling of someone taking the time to make you feel like an individual the way a hand written holiday card does. It is never an expectation of the customer, but being addressed as an individual could have such an impact that the card could remain on their desk for weeks because it made them feel good. This would serve as constant marketing  your business, so the next time it’s time to book a ride, this customer will think of you. If the physical post card isn’t a desirable option for you, there isn’t anything wrong with the more conventional method of sending an email from your business. The problem with this, as previously mentioned, is although it can be fast it can come off impersonal and can get caught in a spam filter. So it is important to add those personal touches like images of your clients on the specific trip they purchased if possible, and definitely use his/her name specifically. This will cut down on the chances of it getting flagged as spam.