Outlets- Where Can I Plug In?

A lot of thought goes into making a purchase of a new bus. The fact that they are a large investment for your company and will most likely be in your fleet for the better part of a decade, if not longer, makes every decision on what to include or leave out even more important.  Some of these decisions will require a tremendous amount of forward thinking on your part. Try to think back ten years ago, would you have included outlets on your fleet? It is very difficult to see where the technology was taking us at the time but as it is, today we are a plugged in society. As every year goes by, companies are developing more high tech devices we can’t live without, so it is crucial you remain cognoscente of this and plan accordingly. In this day and age your customers may come to EXPECT outlets to be widely available on your fleet, because they are available everywhere else they go. Outlet options can range from a USB charger to a standard plug. Whether your business model revolves around short trips, long trips, or a combination, rest assured your customers will appreciate access to them.  This need or expectation is not exclusive to business travelers however. Your recreational customer will almost always have a cell phone or tablet charger with them looking to plug in so they have enough juice to use their device on the duration of their time traveling, whether it is for entertainment purposes to pass time on the drive, or for business. If they are in a bus that does not afford them the option, this could cause the internal stress that most of us have felt when we see that battery level turn from green to red, and may be enough of a subconscious factor to influence their decision to book with you again. So not choosing to include outlets or other features that enhance your customer’s experience in more than the obvious ways, on your next bus build could cost your business in the future.

Even though they are an option on some new buses, features that can set you apart from the competition, and show customers your high level of attention to detail, should never be option for your business.