Make you first impression count

When your vehicle pulls up to pick up a client it is often the first thing they see. We only get once chance to make that all important first impression, good or bad. Dents dings and scratches can seriously damage that first impression.  Keeping your unit in tip top shape will help ensure your client is not disappointed when you pull up

Your vehicle is not the only thing people take notice of; your staff can also make that first impression. They may provide your clients with reservation assistance over the phone or be the driver for the night. It is important that you have an established training program for your employees so your clients get the same service every time.

Your driver’s appearance can also bring down a client’s view of your company. Is their tie sloppy?  Is their hair not well maintained and trimmed? Are there wrinkles in their suit? These are all things that can bring down the customer experience. Having high standards on what is expected will create uniformity and will help ensure your clients have the best first impression.