Is Your Insurance Growing With You?

Are you thinking about expanding into a new market? What about adding a new vehicle? These are both great opportunities to grow your business, but without the proper insurance it can turn into a nightmare.

Like many commercials you have seen lately, there could be gaps in your coverage or you could be drastically underinsured. You want to make sure all your policies for your business and vehicles are up to date and have sufficient coverage if the worst happens.

When you buy a new bus it is very important you consult a trusted insurance agent signing on the dotted line. You want to make sure that the policy you have will cover the new bus and any other state you wish to operate. Sitting down with a trusted advisor can help clear up any questions and keep your fleet on the road. Your sales representative could also be a great resource for gathering this information, make sure it is a question you ask throughout the purchase process.


rubber stamp with inscription INSURANCE