Filling out a log book

Having larger units in your fleet require that your drivers keep a log book. Making sure they are updated and accurate is not only the driver’s responsibility it is also the business owners. You want to check to make sure EVERY log book for that unit has been filled with all the accurate information so if there is ever a discrepancy, you can easily reference the date in question. You want to make sure all the destinations that were booked match the log book entries. If there was a detour from the plan make sure your driver has noted that in the book.  All rest time should also be noted and easy to read.

There a few simple things to keep in mind when keeping and reviewing the log books:

  • Keep it up to date.
  • Always use the time zone which you are based in.
  • 11 hours is the maximum amount of driving time per day an employee is legally allowed to accrue.
  • On duty time is capped at 14 hours per day.
  • Weekly limit is 60 hours for 7 days.

It may be a good idea to have a review session once a year with your drivers and a member of your local DMV to ensure that your drivers fully understand how to fill them out, and why it is crucial that they are accurate.


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