Don’t Be a Wedding Day Disaster

There is nothing more feared than ‘Bridezilla’, part bride part Godzilla, and if your company fails to deliver on her special day there is a good chance you will see her full wrath. The key to avoiding this is meticulous planning and always having a backup plan.

Break downs happen, we all know that, but a bride may not be so understanding to the situation because in her mind, on her special day, everything is supposed to go along without a glitch, and you do not want to be the one to snap her out of this fantasy. Some breakdowns are un-predictable but some can be spotted and addressed before the vehicle leaves the yard. Before the vehicle leaves have your staff do a thorough check to try to catch anything early and get the issue repaired.

If the vehicle breaks down have a plan in place to get the bridal party to the wedding. Having a vehicle sitting in the yard as back up may not always be reasonable but having an affiliate nearby that can help if disaster strikes is a great option. You may want to alert them days in advance you have a wedding coming up and make sure they can help if you run into trouble.

With some good planning and preparation we can avoid the wedding day disaster and the dreaded ‘Bridezilla’!